What We Offer

Discover how you can grow your business with one simple connection to our B2B distribution platform.

Direct Interface

This B2B distribution platform works as a direct interface between the accommodation provider, connectivity partner and the demand partner, seamlessly connected through the platform.

Accessible Technology

Through our B2B distribution platform, we bridge the gap by making technology accessible to everybody.

Technical Support

Supporting purely from a technical level to facilitate the connection, all commercial terms and relationships are managed between the accommodation and the demand partner.

Excellent Features that We Deliver

Our platform works as a direct interface between the property, connectivity partner
and the demand partner.


One-time Integration

Connects demand partners to a wide range of properties that use different connectivity partners with one simple connection.


Business Matching

One connection to Bakuun will give you access to the world's leading connectivity partners and properties.


Simple and Easy Setup

It only takes a few minutes to complete the entire setup at connection or specific to demand partner.



Support cost saving through business matching and direct partnership as well as ensuring full control of distribution.

How It Works


Link to properties that meet the requirements of the demand partner


Using Bakuun technology to link all the systems


Negotiate commercial terms and payment process


Grow their revenue and build long-term partnership

Manage hotel inventory distribution easily.

Bakuun enables you to distribute and automate hotel inventory
from a single platform.

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