process made simple.

A solution for demand partners to reduce the time during the onboarding process with their hotel partners while allowing accommodations to simplify the way to manage and update content.

The Benefits

Here's a solution to an easy onboarding process where you can reduce the manual work, improve content delivery while offering real-time updates.


Reduce workload during onboarding.

Eliminate additional resources to commence the partnership and increase number of demand partners without having to share information about the accommodation each time.


Ensure consistent content quality.

With a centralized content database, it is easier update accurate content. Manage content distribution across different channels by filtering content for each demand partner.


Increase web visibility.

Expand global reach by optimizing the content from accommodation providers and publishing them in different languages, which will then increase visibility to their potential customers.


Boost revenue.

Maximize bookings by reducing mistakes during booking to manage customer expectations. Automating the content updates save time and eliminate the cost for additional staff working on different extranets.

How It Works

Here's how this platform works. It's simple and hassle-free as it centralizes all of the updates and distributes content with just one click.


Take Control of Your Data

Through the data sharing partnership, accommodation providers can filter specific content for specific demand partners. They can easily switch on/off your connection with the demand partners over the course of  partnership.


Filter and Manage Content

Accommodation providers can manage content by selecting the appropriate information including descriptions, images, property services, rate plans and more for a specific demand partner.


Easy Onboarding process

All the information are shared with the demand partner for the onboarding process. Go live with your new partner fast. Accommodation providers can avoid sending the same information to the demand partners, thus avoiding sharing wrong/inaccurate content to the demand partners' platforms.


Push Updates Centrally

Centralize all of the updates and distribute content with just one click.
Accommodations can seamlessly update their full content to their travel demand partners via an API solution that takes away all of the manual processes and improves efficiency.

Manage hotel inventory distribution easily.

Bakuun enables you to distribute and automate hotel inventory
from a single platform.

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